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Jinlong Foundry's "Smart City Drainage Network Real-time Monitoring Platform" has made it to the final round of the competition after being selected by a team of expert judges out of 27 competing projects. The platform uses a "one-map" visualization management mode to provide a full process intelligent monitoring system for urban drainage networks, thereby ensuring the systematic and efficient management, maintenance, and flood-control emergency command of city drainage systems.As one of the vital infrastructure systems in modern cities, the urban drainage system plays a significant role in measuring how developed a city is and is crucial to ensuring the everyday running of a city. Using new-generation information technologies, such as the sensing monitoring network, IoT, cloud computing, mobile internet, industrial control, and hydraulic models, Jinlong Foundry's platform capitalizes on manhole covers as the physical carrier base to manage sewage and rainwater networks through a unified data system.In recent years, Jinlong Foundry has been exploring the fusion of traditional casting with new technologies, including 5G, big data, and industrial IoT. The company's efforts in digitization, intelligence transformation, and innovation have received recognition from the government and partners alike, with the company receiving various accolades such as the "Hunan Industrial Internet Platform," "2021 Construction Technology Innovation Application Project," "Hunan 5G+typical application scenario in manufacturing industry," and "Hunan typical 5G application scenarios." The results of the final round of the competition will be announced on July 16, with the top eight teams participating in an "8-to-3" format.As one of the frontrunners in the smart city solutions provider in China, Jinlong Foundry has demonstrated its capacity for innovation while contributing to promoting digitalization and technological progress in different fields, including manufacturing, construction, and public services.